Hair stylist helping kids regain confidence

KETTERING, Ohio (WRGT/WKEF) - A Miami Valley beautician and hair stylist is helping kids regain their confidence through a charity she created with the help of The Dayton Foundation.

Becca Sanford-Bowling started Hair for Kids Fund back in 2003. The mission is to help kids in the Miami Valley dealing with hair loss because of a medical condition, like cancer, alopecia and others, by donating hair pieces. The hair is donated to kids ages 19 and younger through her salon, Becca's 3700 Hair Studio, Inc at a reduced cost or for free. It all depends on the child's financial situation.

"When they're sick and everything else is wrong you can at least make that right for them," Sanford-Bowling said. "That's where I get my payment."

So far, Sanford-Bowling says she's helped more than 100 kids dealing with the effects of hair loss. One of them is Sasha Davis. She has kidney failure and constant treatment led to her losing much of her hair. Davis said it made her embarrassed to go out and she'd always be self-conscious.

"I used to hide it," Davis said. "I used to just wear a hat all the time."

When she was 19, a friend referred her to Becca's salon and she says her life changed.

"When I left the salon I cried," Davis said. "Oh yeah I was so thankful for them. It made me feel stronger. It made me feel more like a woman again."

Sanford-Bowling says the salon schedules a free consultation with the child and their family. They then fit and personalize a brand new synthetic or human hair piece. They'll then make sure the child and their family understand how to maintain and use it.

"We show them how to wash it, curl it and style it," Sanford-Bowling said. "We also cut it and do everything else they need. And If they have a problem, they can come back and we'll help them solve that problem."

For more information about the Hair for Kids Fund, you can click here or if you'd like to donate, click here.

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