Great Miami River rises 7 feet after two days of rain

    (Photo: SkyView 45)

    DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - The past two days of rain have risen the Great Miami River seven feet, according to the Miami Conservancy District.

    All five dams, Germantown, Englewood, Lockington, Taylorsville and Hamilton are temporarily storing floodwater after three to three and-a-half inches of rain fell in the past two days. According to MCD, the dams start to store water after the river levels rise to top the conduits, which are the concrete openings at the dams. It will take several days for the floodwater that's being stored to drain.

    The Miami Conservancy District said it is monitoring river levels and will take action as needed. Storm sewer floodgates have been closed in Piqua, Troy, Middletown and Hamilton. According to MCD, closing the floodgates prevents river water from backing through the sewer and into cities.

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