Good Samaritan credited with stopping child rape

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX) -- A woman driving down an alley is getting credit for putting a suspected child rapist in jail.

The mother was driving a back road she never takes when she heard someone scream. We are not identifying her.

She drove up on a 3-year-old being raped.

"With her pants pulled down, with an adult male behind the child," the woman told sister station ABC 6 in Columbus.

The woman speaks little English, but she told ABC 6 that she was angry and scared but couldn’t look the other way.

The suspect, identified later as Charles Sadler, left the scene and the woman followed him, for blocks, from the abandoned garage, until police made an arrest.

The woman said she worried that the little girl might have been murdered he she not been there.

Sadler's family agree with her.

"When we noticed they were gone, we thought he passed out drunk somewhere."

They say they were babysitting that little girl Friday and didn't know he had walked off with her.

"He could have gotten scared, killed her, threw her somewhere. You know what I mean?"

So they're thanking the good Samaritan, who's now hoping this will encourage others to step in.

Sadler faced a judge Monday, Aug. 8, 2016, who set bond at $200,000.

Sadler's family says they don't have money to post bail and even if they did, they wouldn't.

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