Fox News' Geraldo visits Montgomery Co., highlights progress against opioid epidemic

    (Photo courtesy: 'Fox & Friends')

    (WKEF/WRGT) - If you tuned in to the Fox News cable morning show 'Fox & Friends' Tuesday morning, you saw that the hosts focused on Ohio, particularly Montgomery County.

    Well-known Fox News reporter Geraldo Rivera made a recent trip to the Miami Valley to learn more about how the opioid epidemic is affecting our area. "Dayton was known as the overdose capital of the country for about a year now," he told 'Fox & Friends' hosts as he sat down on the set with them Tuesday morning.

    But the story wasn't just about how badly the opioid epidemic has affected Montgomery County, it was about what local law enforcement is doing about it. "Dayton, Ohio mobilized," Rivera said. As part of his story, Rivera talked with Montgomery County Sheriff Rob Streck, who elaborated on tools his office has used to fight back against the epidemic, "We bring the world, we bring marked cars, we bring unmarked units, we bring in specialized drug teams and we bring in air support. And we come in like a tidal wave," Streck said.

    Through the story, Rivera rides along with deputies as they make drugs arrests and searches. Streck told him while it may feel like officers are, as Rivera put it, "sweeping back the ocean," they're not giving up. "We're gonna fight, Montgomery County, we're gonna fight," Streck said. "We got sick of seeing our loved ones dying. Everyone came together and said 'you know what, we're done with this.'"

    Rivera's story will continue Wednesday morning on 'Fox & Friends' where he'll take viewers inside the Montgomery County Jail.

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