FOX 45 investigation leads to landlord making fixes for Kettering family left in the cold

    FOX 45 investigation leads to landlord making fixes for Kettering family left in the cold (WKEF/WRGT)

    KETTERING, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - A Kettering family turned to FOX 45 after spending 8 days with no heat in their rental home.

    Now, a FOX 45 investigation has the landlord making necessary fixes.

    Three days after our story aired, and with a looming deadline from the city, crews were at the Pheanis home on Bingham Drive at 10 a.m. Tuesday morning to start fixing gas lines running to the home's furnace.

    It's been a total of 11 days without heat or hot water.

    "This morning was definitely the coldest by far," said Glenda Pheanis.

    "I've struggled to keep it a little above sixty in here these last couple of days," she continued, "It's very difficult, it's beyond frustrating because you can't bathe every day."

    FOX 45 Investigates: Kettering family left in the cold says landlord won"t fix their issue

    KETTERING, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - A Kettering family is without heat or hot water in the bitter cold, after a gas leak forced theirs to be shut off.Lily Pheanis said they have been begging their landlord to fix it since it happened on December 23.The Kettering

    The family showed FOX 45's Kelly May on Friday how they've been using space heaters and their oven to keep warm.

    They said they smelled gas in the residence on December 23, and called Kettering Fire who confirmed the leak and had Vectren shut the gas off until repairs could be made.

    With a 16-month-old baby in the home and a large family, Glenda Pheanis told FOX 45 she's more than frustrated it took 11 days to fix.

    "What's very frustrating for me is the company that's here offered to do it over the weekend," Glenda said, "But again [the landlord] turned them down because it would have cost more money."

    The landlord declined a second request from FOX 45 for an interview, but said he had issues with getting crews and permits for the work over the holidays.

    The City of Kettering said the house would be condemned if the necessary fixes weren't done by January 2nd.

    They told FOX 45 they would re-inspect on January 3rd, but the Pheanis family said even with the fixes being made by deadline, they're worried.

    "The plumber that's out here now told me it'll be at least a week before the heat is back on," said Lily Pheanis.

    "I talked with the service men today and he told us it might be another 7 days, 10 days, before we have heat or hot water," said Glenda.

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