Former Walmart greeter wants to retire on his terms after he says he was wrongfully let go

Former Walmart greeter wants to retire on his terms after he says he was wrongfully let go (WKEF/WRGT)

MIAMI TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WRGT/WKEF) - A former Walmart greeter is looking to retire on his own terms, after he says the company wrongfully let him go. He became a popular mainstay at the location on Kingsridge Drive in Miami Township, and now he is taking the steps to restore his pride.

George Grubb is charismatic, and spent 22 years greeting people at Walmart.

"He talks to them like he's known him for years or his life," his nephew Tom Cobaugh said.

Grubb suffers from Friedrich's ataxia, a cousin of cerebral palsy.

"I can't walk, and my fingers are bent up. I can't hardly use them that good," Grubb said.

"George worked three days a week at Walmart. He looked forward to it every day," Cobaugh said.

His shift ended six months ago. He says the company let him go after requiring all employees to be able to work multiple jobs.

"They know what I can do, what I can't do," Grubb said, "They looked forward to getting rid of me. They offered to throw me a party and everything."

They even gave him a chance to leave on his own.

"I said I'm not quitting. She said, "Oh you want to go the other route," Grubb said of management.

Walmart let him go, and now the two will meet on January 10 for mediation with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

"Most of all we are hoping to get the status changed from him being terminated to him being retired," Cobaugh said.

When asked if he would return to Walmart if he could Grubb said, "It felt awkward to be there, even to shop there," Grubb said, while Cobaugh added, "We spent more time probably talking to his fans than we do shopping."

Grubb said he just wants to be able to retire and walk out on his own. He said he wants to be able to feel proud about his 22 years.

FOX45 reached out to Walmart for comment. This is their response.

"We take this matter seriously, and do not condone discrimination of any kind. We have attempted to resolve Mr. Grubb's case, and remain open to further discussions."

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