Firefighters battle black smoke, explosions after multi-car fire sparks in Dayton

Firefighters battle black smoke, explosions after multi-car fire sparks in Dayton (WKEF/WRGT)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Firefighters battled black smoke billowing into the skyline and explosions while trying to contain a multi-car fire in Dayton Monday evening.

Fire officials are still investigating how it started, and said there were some issues that came up during their incident.

It happened around the 4 p.m. rush hour at A&B Iron and Metal on Washington Street. According to fire officials, workers were inside and saw the fire ignite.

"Where at in the parking lot is it?" dispatchers asked.

"You won't be able to miss it, it's billowing black smoke," the 911 caller responded.

"As you've seen from the plume of smoke, it was going mostly straight up in the air," Dayton District Fire Chief Adam Landis said.

"When the first crews got here they realized they had about six cars on fire," he continued. "Inside a recycling station, large pile of recyclables."

Landis said one obstacle was the heat, with air temperatures in the upper 80's and heat indexes at 90.

"Crews are going to get overheated, and they're going to get worked," Landis said. "We just try to keep that in mind, rotate crews out, call in additional crews as need be to give them a break."

"We start early in the day as far as making sure the guys stay hydrated," he continued.

Landis also said water was an initial issue, because the hydrant closest to the fire wasn't enough. Instead, they had to source from the hydrant down the block.

With crews cleaning up what's left of the metal and debris, a fire investigator has been called in to search for the cause.

"All the fluids were drained out of these cars before they're brought here," Landis said.

Chaminade Julienne High School is across the street from the scene of the fire.

They shut down their athletic fields for the night after the fire started as a precaution.

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