Family still searching for answers 3 years after Nichelle & Zaden McKnight's disappearance


DAYTON (WKEF/WRGT) -- "When I laid on this couch it was in there 3 years ago, and they walked out that door, that haunts me for the rest of my life," said Michelle Williams, Nichelle's mother and Zaden's grandmother.

Nichelle McKnight's mother still searching for answers three years after her daughter and grandchild, Zaden, disappeared.

Nichelle murdered and Zaden's body never found.

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"Whoever is out that and knows something, please let us know," said Williams.

Williams and her daughter Jessica cling to hope.

"Is today the day we gonna get word? Is today the day that someone's going to show up? Is today the day someone's going to say something?" said Williams.

Word that Zaden has been found.

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"We just want closure so we can, grieve properly," she said.

Zaden has been missing since March 25, 2014.

The same day his mom went missing.

Just two weeks later, Nichelle's body was found along the Stillwater River.

"She was a beautiful, beautiful person and they just don't know what they did," said Williams.

The main suspect, Antwan Anderson, who was dating Nichelle shot and killed himself after being chased by police.

It was believed he was the last person to see her and Zaden.

Tonisha Harris, Anderson's other girlfriend, later admitted to helping clean up the crime scene.

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However, no one has been charged with Nichelle's murder.

"They have broken my heart in so many pieces that I don't think it will ever be healed," said Williams.

As for Zaden, Michelle, will never stop searching.

"That's my daughter's son, and I owe her to keep looking and not stop," said Williams.

There is still a reward fund at Wright Pat Credit Union.

If you want to donate just go in and say Zaden's name. That money will be given to anyone who helps find Zaden.

Miami Valley Crime Stoppers is also offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to Zaden.

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