Montgomery Co. woman, mother of six, arrested after going missing

Destinie Williams was arrested after she was reported missing by her family. (Photo: Montgomery Co. Jail/MGN)


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Dayton Police say the arrested Destinie Williams around Main and Ridge Road just after 10:30 Monday night.

Williams was reportedly taken to Montgomery County Jail on an active warrant.

No word yet on her condition or if she was with anyone at the time.


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - A local family is desperate for answers after a 28-year-old mother of five goes missing.

Destinie Williams was last seen two weeks ago today, the morning of November 20. According to a police report, Williams' mother called police saying she was worried about her daughter's well-being.

“Somebody out there knows something, and nobody is saying nothing,” William’s mother Birdie Lawson said, “Either she's safe or she’s alright or (pause) I just need to know."

Williams was last seen the morning of November 20, when she was on her way to a methadone clinic. She borrowed a friend's vehicle and that was the last time she was seen. When Lawson called Williams' cell phone that day she said a mail carrier answered.

"I'm a mail man," he told her, "I found her phone in the middle of the road on Preston Avenue off of Gettysburg," Lawson recounted.

The car Williams had borrowed was found on Sandhurst Drive in Dayton. Police say when the car was found, the driver's side window was down.

On November 22, Englewood Police said the car was used in a burglary at Russell Cellular, which is a Verizon Retailer on Hoke Road. Englewood Sergeant Mike Lang said William's wasn't there, and that all the suspects are men.

Williams' mother said the circumstances are suspicious because her daughter never goes anywhere without her phone. Williams' mother told officers her daughter has a history of drug use, but said she has never been on a binge and always keeps in contact with her mother, who has custody of her children. She had been in treatment for three months.

"She was excited that she was doing so good," Lawson said.

Williams gave birth to a sixth child just fifteen days before her disappearance. The baby was adopted by a family friend. The adoption was planned before birth. Her adoptive mother is taking care of her now, while Lawson is responsible for her other five children.

“I get up every morning, and I see the girl's faces, and that's what keeps me going. There's nothing else I can do,” Lawson said.

It's unknown what Williams was last wearing. She's described as a white female, 5'6", 120 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes. She also has tattoos of baby footprints on her abdomen.

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