Family of hit and run victim reacts after suspect turns herself in

Family of hit and run victim reacts after suspect turns herself in (WKEF/WRGT)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) Family and friends of Logan Grimes, Jr. were back out at the site of the hit and run accident that killed Grimes Thursday night on S. Smithville Rd.

“We went shopping to get his clothes for his funeral last night,” Logan Grimes, Sr., Logan’s father, said. “We drove by here and everything was gone.”

The family is wondering who stole the items left at the site of the hit and run that served as a memorial.

“I hope that your conscience eats you up for doing what you did to him,” Grimes, Sr. said.

The family spent some of Monday afternoon replacing the missing items with flowers, balloons and crosses.

Meanwhile, Dayton Police day a suspect turned herself in for the hit and run that killed Logan Grimes, Jr. 41-year-old Stephanie Higgins is in custody at the Montgomery County Jail after turning herself in in Preble County.

“I want to see her face,” Grimes, Sr. said. “ I want her to see the pain in my family‘s face. I want her to see the pain in everybody’s face. I want her to see what she did. I want her to pay for what she did.”

Logan’s father says he’s been unable to eat or sleep since the night of the accident.

"So far I have no relief from it, but when I bury my son on Thursday that's when I'll have some relief."

Grimes, Sr. says he comes to the site of the hit and run that killed his son to speak to him.

"I feel comfort coming here. I let him know I'm still here, I'm still doing this, I'm standing here, I'm fighting for you and I love you, boy."

He believes that love was answered by his son Sunday afternoon while speaking to him at his memorial. Grimes, Sr. says he felt compelled to take a different route home after that conversation with his son. He drove by a homeless man near a Speedway and decided to offer him money for food. Grimes, Sr. told him about what had happened to his son.

"I turned around and let him see the picture on my back of my son. When I turned back around and faced the gentleman he started crying. He said my son had come to him on my son's birthday and took his birthday money and bought the gentleman something to eat and sat up here and ate with him."

It's a gesture Grimes, Jr. was known for. Our FOX 45 crew was working on a story last summer on panhandlers when they witnessed Grimes, Jr. offer the panhandler money for food.

"I miss him," Grimes, Sr. said. "I miss him."

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