Family coming to terms with losing their father after he was hit by suspected drunk driver

(Courtesy: Roddy family)

DAYTON, Ohio (WRGT/WKEF) - Friday night, a family lost their father after police said the car he was working on was hit by a suspected drunk driver on Free Pike.

The family did not want to go on camera just yet as they are still coming to terms with what happened.

They told FOX 45 that their father Juan Roddy was a giver, and a self-taught mechanic willing to help anyone. He removed an engine from an old car in the garage. His family said he always wanted to fix it for years, but was waiting for a rare part. His son said Friday night he pulled the vehicle into the road, so he could hook up to another vehicle to tow it. He got under the car to attach the chain. That's when police reports said a driver, 37-year-old Charley Strickland III struck the disabled vehicle.

“Yea somebody is pinned up under the car,” a caller told 911. "He’s breathing. They said he’s breathing.”

Police later identified Jaun as the man pinned against the vehicle, and he died from his injuries later that night.

A police report said they suspected alcohol was involved in the crash, but test results are unknown.

Just two blocks away on England Avenue, another man was fixing a tire, and getting under his car as others sped by.

“You just got to watch what you're doing, and hope the other people are watching what they are doing,” the man said. He asked to remain anonymous.

Across the street Matthew Burks said someone hit his car a month ago. He wasn’t home on Friday, but heard about the crash.

“They come through here rolling, down or up. It doesn't matter,” Burks said.

We have yet to see any formal charges for Strickland. Once they come down, we will keep you updated online and on-air.

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