Family 411: Strollers in Motion helps new moms stay fit


    MIAMI VALLEY, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - The holidays can be an especially tricky time to make healthy decisions, but many Miami Valley moms are finding added support with the help of their strollers.

    It's called Strollers in Motion, and is a 45 minute-long fitness class, where moms get both cardio and comradery.

    "You're getting out of the house. You're getting moving, especially in the wintertime with cabin fever, it's real," said Vana Beekman, a Strollers in Motion instructor. "You feel almost trapped at home and this is a great place for moms to come and not feel like that anymore."

    With two young kids, Christine Buck has been participating for 3 years.

    "With this class, I make sure that I get my workout in and take time for myself. It allows me to be a healthier, happier mom," she said. "The kids get out of the class some chance to socialize. They get to see their mom taking care of herself and being healthy."

    For a lot of new moms, finding time to go to the gym can be difficult. Beekman said that's why all classes are specially designed to keep the kids engaged and often use songs to provide added entertainment.

    "We're doing cardio. We're doing strength training, We're using bands. We're doing burpees and we're doing things obviously we have modifications. We're obviously very aware that moms just had babies. We can make a class work for anybody," she said.

    Strollers in Motion offers classes at 7 locations throughout the Miami Valley. To learn more go to their website.

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