Fairborn teacher on leave; accused of inappropriately touching student

Photo: Jeffrey Whited

FAIRBORN -- A Fairborn High School staffer is accused of touching several female students inappropriately. Jeffrey Whited pleaded not guilty to one charge of sexual imposition.

"It's just crazy. It's crazy," said Desmond Reece, a Fairborn High graduate. He said he remembers Whited and heard about the allegations on social media.

"That's just crazy for a person to do something like that to somebody's child," said Reece.

According to a Fairborn Police incident report, detectives interviewed several female students from Fairborn High School. Several said as Whited hugged them his hands were uncomfortably close to their breasts. One student said she felt his hand on the "side of her breast." Another student described Whited as being "touchy, touchy." Still, another student told detectives Whited would hug her four or five times a day when she passed his classroom. She said she started taking different routes to avoid him.

The police report said Whited denied he touched any student inappropriately.

This statement was released by Fairborn Schools:

Fairborn High School administrators were notified on March 22, 2016 about allegations of inappropriate conduct by Mr. Whited toward several high school students. Mr. Whited was immediately placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation in accordance with Board policy. In addition, the District notified the police and Children's Services. The District has completed its investigation and internal procedures are being followed to take action with respect to Mr. Whited's employment with Fairborn City Schools.


Earlier coverage:

FAIRBORN (WRGT) - A Fairborn High School faculty member is on administrative leave as police investigate an alleged sex offense with a student.

According to a report released from Fairborn police, a female student said Jeffrey Whited called her to the front of class during In-School Suspension (ISS) and told her to discuss her grades and tardiness. At the end of the discussion, the student says Whited gave her a hug and his hand touched the side of her breast.

The student thought it might have been an accident, but later in the day, she says Whited called her to his desk and handed her a paper for Out-of-School Suspension (OSS) that had the word "gotcha" written on the back.

When police interviewed Whited about the alleged incident, he said the female student was in the classroom for In-School Suspension and was sitting next to him when he pulled up her grades and talked to her about being tardy to school. Whited said he wrote a note for the student to go to 124, which is the discipline office, and that he had recommended Out-of-School Suspension. Whited said he took the student into the hallway, handed her the note and told her to turn it over. On the back he said he wrote either "gotcha" or "just kidding."

Whited said the student then reached out and he hugged her. After the two separated from the hug, Whited said the student told him her heart was racing and reached out again and the two hugged again. Whited told investigators he is a "pretty large guy" and doesn't remember doing anything inappropriate. He went on to say he never hugged the female student in front of the classroom, but said he may have put his hand on her shoulder while they were sitting at his computer.

Prosecutors have approved one charge of sexual imposition against Whited.

Fairborn City Schools issued a statement Friday afternoon saying they placed Whited on paid administrative leave pending an investigation. The district says it completed its investigation and contacted police and Children Services.

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