Emotions run high as woman reunites with firefighter who saved her life 25 years ago

Emotions run high as woman reunites with firefighter who saved her life 25 years ago

CENTERVILLE, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) For the first time a woman is reunited with the off-duty firefighter- who saved her after a near-death car wreck.

It was an emotional reunion 25 years in the making that you’ll only see on Fox 45.

From their interaction you'd never guess Christina Siegel and Scott Hall have only met three times and only twice Siegel can remember.

“I’m glad I don’t remember because that must have been a terrible feeling to be all alone, couldn’t move, and hurting,” said Siegel.

25 years ago, she was driving home Thanksgiving weekend along Alex Bell Road and Clyo Road in Centerville.

“The last thing I remember is shifting my car into third gear,” said Siegel.

Her car veered 30 feet off the road around midnight and crashed into a tree.

In 1993 cellphones were something very few people had, but as the Bellbrook Fire Chief, Hall was one of them.

“She kept telling me she was going to die and I kept telling her 'no you’re not,'” said Hall.

Hall said Seigel's wreck was the worst accident he was not dispatched to.

“I noticed this flash of light and chrome kind of in the corner of my eye,” he said reflecting on the accident 25 years ago.

He found Siegel, who had been trapped inside her car for about an hour. Hall said he held her hand and called for help.

“Frankly, I’ll tell you, I thought she was deceased when I got there,” he said.

Siegel fractured her skull, broke countless bones and her right foot was trapped between the brake and the gas pedal.

Then 19-year-old Siegel never let her near death experience impact her drive.

“I got my Bachelors degree in science and nursing and I walked up on that stage and got my diploma,” she said.

But about a week ago she got her Christmas wish by meeting the man who rescued her 25 years ago.

She and Hall met for the first since the accident thanks to a post by a mutual friend on Facebook.

As a firefighter, Hall said he often saw people in the worst situations, but Siegal stuck with him.

“You don’t know if they’re okay, or what their outcome was, so it was really important that I told him what he did for me,” said Siegel.

Hall said it was truly a team effort to rescue Siegel, which included other first responders, dispatch, and nursing staff.

Scott, Siegel and others involved in the rescue said they plan to have another reunion in the future.

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