East Dayton neighbors want the city to cleanup three apartment buildings

East Dayton neighbors want the city to cleanup three apartment buildings (WKEF/WRGT)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - East Dayton residents say something needs to be done about three properties along Xenia Ave.

The properties have had hundreds of calls for service from police over the past year.

They are a block from Ruskin Elementary and neighbors are worried, after another shooting Thursday night, a child is going to get hurt.

Leslie Sheward lives in east Dayton. She said something must be done about the apartment building at 371 Xenia Ave.

"There has been multiple shootings in this building. There have been several deaths as a result of the shootings in the building," Sheward said.

Sheward is also the president of the Twin Towers Neighborhood Association.

"Whenever there's a shooting that takes place in the Twin Towers [Neighborhood], you can almost guarantee that it's here," Sheward said.

Sheward said after a recent shooting, the gunman hid his pistol in a nearby planter box.

That's just a few hundred feet from Ruskin Elementary and its playground.

"Any child could've gone over there and found that loaded gun and injured themselves," Sheward said.

Sheward said it's not just shootings that worry her.

"There have been drug overdoses at this building, right out in the middle of the street witnessed by our kids this summer, watching someone overdose right in front of this building. That is not acceptable," Sheward said.

Sheward said she's taking her case to the city to try and get it to step in and do something.

So far the city hasn't been able to do anything accept kick individual tenants out.

She said the neighborhood association would be happy to take over managing the building.

The buildings are registered to KEG SFH Holdings LLC. in Dublin, Ohio.

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