Driving experts warn about winter weather conditions

Traffic on I-75

MIAMI VALLEY (WKEF/WRGT) - As ODOT prepares overnight, crews are worried about early morning conditions.

Last week's weather was an early test, and Cindy Antrican with AAA has the results.

"There were a number of crashes," Antrican told Fox 45's Shavon Anderson. "I think drivers need to get re-acclimated."

That's why Sharon Fife pushes winter weather skills before the season, and tries to stop bad habits before they start.

"I've seen many cars going down the road that haven't cleaned off their back window," said Fife, president of D&D Driving School. "I even saw one going up the road that hadn't cleared off his front window."

Bad habits can be dangerous, especially with the threat of snow squalls. It's a mix of sudden snowfall, with strong winds, and can cause whiteout conditions instantly. Back in January, the Ohio State Highway Patrol believed a snow squall was the cause of a fatal crash near Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

If you're a first time driver this season, Fife recommends finding an empty parking lot to practice skills, before getting out on the road.

"You don't want your first adverse situation to be a crash," she said.

Check the brakes, to get an idea of how it feels to slide, that way, you can learn to maneuver. When you are driving on the roads, give yourself plenty of space, especially in low visibility, to give you and other cars time to react.

"If one driver starts to slide, he can take a multiple amount of vehicles out with him," Antrican added.

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