Drafts of DPS Superintendent's performance review more critical of her performance

Drafts of DPS Superintendent Rhonda Corr's performance review more critical of her performance (WKEF/WRGT File Photo)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - A Dayton School Board members admit to changing embattled Superintendent Rhonda Corr's performance review, in order to be more positive.

FOX 45 just obtained two drafts that were more critical of her performance.

DPS gives students a simple letter grade, but for the superintendent it gets complicated.

“Never once had negative information in her review been provided to Rhonda,” Corr’s attorney Jon Paul Rion said.

In October, Corr's glowing performance review from the Board of Education didn't tell the whole story school board members say.

Two previous drafts reveal sharp criticism of Corr. Both written by board member John McManus and reviewed by a committee.

“I do stand by every word I published in my draft evaluations months ago,” McManus said.

When you compare the final review to the drafts, there's key areas in conflict with one another.

Here's an example:

In the first draft, it says Corr must give far more progress and status reports. But in the final draft, it says the committee encourages Corr to continue providing the board with consistent and continuous reporting.

Following Fox 45's extensive investigation into Dunbar throwing a football game over an ineligible player, there was significant backlash.

The initial drafts say Corr's response to the crisis was either ‘ill-coordinated or inappropriate.’

Also a section said Corr needs to do more to articulate her vision and needs to be more consistent providing updates to the board.

But in the final draft, all of that was removed.

Parents FOX 45 spoke with say they're bothered by the changes.

“If you're going to tell the truth, tell the truth about what's wrong with the situation, period,” Dionne Jamison said.

“Anytime you do an evaluation of an employee, it should be an honest evaluation,” Edmund Moore said.

Board member Joe Lacey says multiple members of the board pushed for a more positive outlook.

“I think overall the board wanted to applaud the direction of the district,” Lacey said.

But the glowing review could hurt the district as Corr fights her possible termination.

“The public should be able to rely on the final review, not the drafts,” Rion said.

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