DPS Board member explains strong October review of superintendent on paid leave

DPS Board member explains strong October review of superintendent on paid leave (WKEF/WRGT File Photo)

DAYTON, Ohio (WRGT/WKEF) – Dayton Public Schools Superintendent Rhonda Corr is on administrative leave after the school board brought forth a host of allegations ranging from lying on IRS documents to possibly using her position to change policy to financially benefit herself. The move comes after the board gave Corr a strong review in her October 3rd evaluation.

“We saw improvements in almost every single category,” Corr’s lawyer Jon Paul Rion said before bringing up her 3-year contract extension in February, “We are surprised that the position has changed so drastically.”

So, why did the board change its opinion? Dayton Public School board member Joe Lacey explains the original evaluation.

"Her performance evaluation pretty much just focused on where we were headed as a district," Lacey said.

He told FOX45 that the evaluation process changes year to year.

“This year the process was seven board members got together, and hashed out what they wanted the evaluation to look at, and I think overall the board wanted to applaud the direction of the district,” Lacey said.

He also called it, “An attempt to keep that focus going.” He said the board made its recent decision to put her on paid leave, as soon as new information came to light.

“The allegations that were brought up, they have to be investigated, but they were new to us,” Lacey said.

After 12 years on the board, Lacey will be leaving as he was not re-elected. He expects the performance of the district to continue in the same path it has been.

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