DPS approves two major changes at meeting

DPS approves two major changes at meeting (File: WKEF/WRGT)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) – The Dayton Public School Board approved two major changes at a meeting Tuesday night.

FOX 45’s Shavon Anderson said they voted to approve both Dr. Elizabeth Lolli as permanent superintendent, and to approve ‘right-sizing’ recommendations, which include moving Valerie Elementary students into Meadowdale. Meadowdale will move 100 students out to nearby schools, and change its name to 'Valerie'. The old Valerie building will then be demolished.

"When we met with the Meadowdale teachers, they made the recommendation that once we identify the 100 students, they as the people who know the families and know the children make contact with the parents," Lolli told Fox 45.

The original proposal presented at last week's meeting consolidated 7th and 8th graders into either Wogaman, Wright Brothers or EJ Brown. In a last-minute change, the district decided to keep current 7th graders at MHS, Belmont, Dayton Boys Prep and Charity Adams, having them continue through their 8th grade year.

Aggressively recruiting new students into the district is also a big part of the plan, as is an extensive review of all high schools, with another building potentially closing in 2019 and another in 2020 dependent on future progress.

"I hope parents see that we're serious about education," Lolli added. "We are making changes that will positively affect the academic achievement of students in this district, and they'll want to be part of that."

Lolli was hired as the associate superintendent in 2016, and has a long career in education. She previously served as superintendent for both Monroe Local Schools and Barberton City Schools, and the school board said they believe she’s a good fit.

The ‘right-sizing’ recommendations have been part of a larger project for Dayton Public Schools.

You can read all the details of the proposed plan in this story:

This is a developing news story and will be updated.

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