Dog left outside in Butler County found frozen to death

(Photo: MGN)

ST. CLAIR TWP., Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - The Butler County Sheriff is reminding residents to take care of their pets during these brutally cold temperatures after a dog was found frozen to death.

The sheriff's office said the Butler County Dog Warden was called out to a home in St. Clair Township on a welfare check on a dog. The dog was found in a dog house, which was outside, with no insulation. The dog froze to death due to the subzero temperatures.

If you need it, the county dog warden will give you free straw for bedding for animals in outdoor kennels. You can call the dog warden's office at 513-785-6542 for help.

In a statement from Sheriff Richard Jones, he reminded people that freezing to death is a "horrible way for an animal to die." The owners of the dog will faces charges of Cruelty to a Companion Animal.

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