Dog left on a roof leads police to dog fighting bust

Police seized 4 pitbull puppies, thier mom, and 2 male pit bulls. (WKEF/WRGT)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) -- Dayton Police found evidence of dog fighting and rescued 7 dogs from a home on W. Fairview according to a report.

A 911 caller tipped police off after she told dispatchers she thought the house was vacant, but she saw a dog on the roof for two days.

"I was calling because I noticed for the past few days there's a dog that's been stuck up on a roof," the caller stated, "This dog looks like it needs a lot of help like you can see the ribs on the side of it."

All seven of the dogs were removed to the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center, until police can find the owners and pending criminal charges.

They seized four pit bull puppies, their mom, and two male pit bulls from the home.

According to the police report, when officers responded and couldn't make contact with anyone at the home, they looked in a window and said they saw evidence of dog fighting, including dog treadmills, multiple cages, heavy collars, dog medication, chewed through cages, and heavy gauge chains.

Police also reported smelling "decomposing flesh, ammonia, and feces."

They also seized suspected drugs and drug making paraphernalia.

"That there right there is gunna make me more aware, become more aware of my neighborhood," said Garrett Lockett, who lives next door to the house at Fairview and Emerson.

Lockett said he has a female pitbull of his own so he's sad for the dogs, and worried about the safety of his grandkids and neighbors.

"If you have something like that going on in the neighborhood, it’s disturbing is what it is," Lockett said, "Because like I said I have a little young grandchild. God forbid one of them dogs had gotten out of there."

Lockett said he also thinks he's witnessed suspected drug trafficking to the home.

"Like I said cars pull up and people throw stuff across, either money or drugs, by the time you say something to anybody they already gone."

Lockett also said he's upset he didn't catch the dog fighting and help.

"Because for that to be going on like that, and me know nothing about it, that kinda, you know, bothers me," Lockett said.

Staff at the Animal Resource Center said the three adult dogs will need rehabbing, but the 4 puppies are healthy.

They also said the puppies could be adopted out once they close the criminal case.

Dayton Police are working to find who owned the dogs.

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