Documents: DPS Superintendent accused of lying on federal documents, sleeping on the job

Documents: DPS Superintendent accused of lying on federal documents, sleeping on the job (Courtesy: DPS)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) – The Dayton Public Schools Board of Education released documents relating to placing Superintendent Rhonda Corr on administrative leave Tuesday night.

Corr was placed on paid administrative leave November 21 until further notice as the Board reportedly considers disciplinary action against her.

In a letter that was labeled as a pre-disciplinary hearing against her, nine bullet points are listed that for reasons as to why she was placed on leave. The document said that her actions have violated Board policies and “constitute conduct unbecoming an educator”.

The board alleges Corr:

  • Was absent from scheduled meetings and events
  • Regularly cancelled scheduled meetings or sent waiting employees away from meetings
  • Created a hostile working environment
  • Did not accurately or truthfully communicate with the Board or District administrators
  • Refused to accept responsibility for her actions
  • Listed inaccurate information on Board documents
  • Used her position to promote her self-interest
  • Failed to report accurate information to the District concerning absences

One of the points was that Corr reportedly marked on her W-4 that she was single and signed it, while court documents said that she filed for divorce on October 3, 2017, from a spouse she married in July 2007, which the Board had no prior information about. It also alleged that she used her position to promote self-interest when she lobbied to make life insurance available to employees’ spouses and domestic partners. After that was approved, the document said she bought life insurance for a domestic partner who was already sick and who passed away in October 2016, at which point she was awarded and received death benefits for the partner despite still being married to another person.

Administrators have also reported a hostile working environment with Corr, including when she allegedly berated Chief of Schools Wyetta Hyaden during a principal telephone meeting, “causing her and other employees distress.” A separate document also states that a compliance officer has found she “has engaged in a violation” of Board of Education Policy titled “Nondiscrimination/Harassment”, where she “used language, conduct or symbols in such a manner as to be commonly understood to convey hatred, contempt or prejudice or to have the effect of insulting or stigmatizing and African American individual”.

The pre-disciplinary hearing notice said that Corr arrived late to August 9 negotiations with the DEA without any warning and said she was sick. Her appearance was described as unkempt, and she allegedly behaved unprofessionally by sleeping during caucuses instead of excusing herself from the meeting.

She was also absent from scheduled meetings and events, according to the document, including not being at a convocation in August 2017 after telling others she would be there. Corr also reportedly regularly cancelled scheduled meetings and would send waiting employees away from scheduled meetings, and is accused of regularly cursing and swearing during discussions with district employees.

Other bullet points accused her of failing to respond to communications and saying others aren’t keeping her informed, failing to keep administrators informed of district events and Board positions on issues, not accurately or truthfully communicating with district administrators or the Board and not giving the district accurate information about her absences. According to the document, she also refused to take responsibility for her actions.

The Board’s hearing officer Attorney D. Jeffrey Ireland is scheduled to meet with Corr on December 13, when she will have a chance to respond to the statements in the letter.

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