Documents detail shocking new allegations against DPS superintendent placed on leave

Documents detail shocking new allegations against DPS superintendent placed on leave (WKEF/WRGT)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Shocking new allegations against Dayton Public Schools Superintendent came out Tuesday night.

Rhonda Corr is under investigation by the district for a laundry list of accusations. The board accusing her of lying on IRS documents, cursing at district employees, changing department policies to financially benefit herself and falling asleep at teacher contract negotiations.

She's also accused of creating a hostile work environment and allegations of racial harassment.

The allegations were made public Tuesday night in documents released by the school district after their board meeting.

The district formally retained a pre-disciplinary hearing officer at the board meeting, while Corr was not present after being placed on paid administrative leave November 22.

Dayton Public Schools officials remained right lipped about why Corr was placed on leave until Tuesday's meeting.

According to the documents, discipline "may include termination of [Corr's] Superintendent's contract for good," because Corr allegedly violated board policy and Ohio's Licensure Code of Professional Conduct.

Perhaps the most explosive claim, that Corr lied on federal tax documents.

The district alleges Corr was legally married to someone else, when she bought a life insurance policy on a "domestic partner" who was already ill.

The documents reveal when that partner died in October 2016, Corr "claimed and received death benefits for a domestic partner even though you were legally married to another person and had not obtained a legal seperation."

The notice also says Corr told the district on her W-4 form that she was single, and then "signed the form under penalty of perjury."

Dayton Public Schools legal counsel Jyllian Bradshaw said she could not comment on the allegations pending this legal matter.

About all of the allegations, Board president Dr. Robert Walker said, "I don't have a comment thank you."

Interim Superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Lolli said, "I have nothing to say about them, no."

FOX 45 reporter Kelly May talked with Corr on the phone prior to the meeting, who referred questions about the case to John Rion, a defense attorney in Dayton. The Rion firm said they plan to comment on the allegations Wednesday.

"I just want to assure the parents and the community that the Dayton Public Schools teachers continue to teach every day," said Dr. Lolli, "and we continue to focus on the students education."

Superintendent Corr will get a chance to refute the allegations at a hearing set for December 13 at 9 a.m., before any decision about her employment is made.

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