DNA results identify remains found in the backyard of Moraine home as Middletown woman


    MORAINE, Ohio (WKEF-WRGT)- New DNA results officially identify remains found in the backyard of a Moraine home. Findings confirm the remains belong to 47-year-old Michelle Burgan. She's one of the four Middletown women who disappeared in 2017

    “At first it was the hard of pain of realizing this is it finally, we know for sure it’s her,” Burgan’s brother William Morgan said. “The waiting has been exhausting to be honest.”

    After the 47-year-old mother first went missing back in May 2017, her family new something terrible had happened.

    “We knew something was wrong when nobody heard from her forever and ever," her sister-in-law Marty Morgan said. “Then, it just got harder and harder and all the fears and all the things it could be and what could have happened to her and of course it turns out being the worst.”

    Months into her search, skeletal remains were discovered in the backyard of a Moraine home in September. Burgan’s brother said he knew they were hers.

    “I think we all knew ahead of time," Morgan said. “She missed some pretty significant life events that she normally would not have missed.”

    57-year-old Gilbert Revere is charged in connection to her death. He lives in the garage on his mother's property off Hemple Road where Burgan’s bones were found.

    “That’s where he was staying and the night in question," Moraine Police Sgt. Jon Spencer said. “That’s where he had been with Miss Burgan, and that’s where she was basically buried.”

    Revere has been indicted on charges of tampering evidence, abuse of a corpse and failure to report a death. However, he is now out on house arrest after posting bond. All Burgan’s family wants is justice to be served, but nothing will ever be able to replace her.

    “We would like to go for a man slaughter charge we are hoping we get that,” Morgan added. “Michelle was all about life Anything she could do for anybody she didn’t know a stranger she was great and will be sadly missed by all of us.”

    Investigators say it still isn't clear how Burgan died or if revere will face more charges. his hearing will take place mid-January.

    The other three missing women out of Middletown still haven't been found. Brandy English was the first to be reported missing. She was last seen in May 2016. Then in September, Amber Flack disappeared. Followed by Melinda Miller went missing in February 2017. Investigators aren't sure if the cases are connected.

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