Devastating Miamisburg fire leaves family homeless, mother fighting for her life

Devastating Miamisburg fire leaves family homeless, mother fighting for her life (WKEF/WRGT)

MIAMISBURG, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - A devastating fire left a family homeless and a mother fighting for her life just more than a week before Christmas.

Her family is seeking help while she’s in critical condition at Miami Valley Hospital.

“We’re all just trying to pull together to be strong for them,” Lena Gilbert-Ingram said. “They lost everything.”

Her soon-to-be sister in law, Becky McGeorge, is fighting for her life.

“They said she has some burning in her throat and lungs,” Gilbert-Ingram said.

Two of Becky’s four kids were at home Wednesday morning when the fire started. The family believes it was sparked in the electrical box near the kitchen.

“The 7-year-old daughter woke them up, she seen smoke,” Gilbert-Ingram said.

Seven-year-old Reagan and her three-year-old brother Josiah were both treated and released from the hospital.

“Their eyes are burning and they have a bit of a cough but other than that they're doing alright,” Gilbert-Ingram said.

Becky's fiancé and their four kids are staying with family while monitoring her condition.

“We don't tell the kids much about their mom because we don't want them to be upset,” Gilbert-Ingram said.

The family lost everything, including two dogs, their brand new Christmas tree and the gifts they bought this week.

“All that matters is they made it out; everything else is replaceable,” Gilbert-Ingram said.

They don't have renter’s insurance, so Lena created a GoFundMe page to help the family of six.

She said they money is nice, but prayers are needed most.

“We’ll get it together somehow,” Gilbert-Ingram said.

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