Local volunteers on their way to help with relief efforts for Hurricane Florence


    DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - The American Red Cross is deploying hundreds of volunteers ahead of Hurricane Florence.

    Now, the Dayton region needs your help with relief efforts along the east coast.

    “Nationwide we have about 700 volunteers who have been deployed to the region that will be hit by Florence,” said Cory Paul, Dayton Area Executive Director for the American Red Cross.

    Those volunteers include 11 volunteers from the Dayton area, as well as three Emergency Response Vehicles in route to Virginia.

    Paul said the Red Cross Emergency Response units are essentially mobile feeding units, ready to be equipped with food, water and bulk supplies.

    “We have volunteers that drive around the neighborhood or stage in different places to make sure people in the communities know that we’re there,” said Paul.

    But some Emergency Response Vehicles may be on standby in the Dayton area.

    “We may be seeing a lot more rainfall in the Ohio area and we may see more flooding and things like that so we want to make sure we’re ready to respond locally as well as nationally,” said Paul.

    He said physical donations can be a burden and costly to transport to disaster zones. That’s why the Red Cross is seeking monetary donations to buy supplies in the hurricane region.

    You can donate online here, or by simply pulling out your phone.

    "You can donate $10 by texting Florence to 90999 and $10 will come right out of your cell phone bill,” said Paul.

    Besides donations, the Red Cross can always use more volunteers both locally and in disaster zones.

    “When volunteers go to disaster areas they are trained, they’re knowledgeable and we know they are going to do a really good job for the Red Cross.”

    Another Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicle will depart from their Dayton location at 9 a.m. Wednesday morning.

    It will make its way east to respond to Hurricane Florence.

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