Dayton Public Schools finding pride and answers at convocation

DAYTON, Ohio (WRGT) -- Dayton teachers began the new year rallying cry by gathering shoulder to shoulder at The University of Dayton Arena for this year's convocation. It’s a strong sign for a school district searching for answers.

"Team is hugely important to me, and that was part of my message,” said newly appointed superintendent Rhonda Corr, “We need to change the culture, and I think not only for the Dayton Public schools (DPS), but for Dayton in general."

Corr comes to Dayton with high hopes of turning around a school district that has earned a bad reputation.

"As of right now I would not blame somebody if they were concerned,” said Corr, “We don't have a lot of success right now to share. Give us a chance!"

The convocation was highlighted by a number of DPS success stories like recently crowned Miss High School America Kennedy Chase and powerful, young poet Tykell Brooks.

"I was nervous at first just walking around here practicing,” said Brooks who performed spoken poetry before the packed house, “but once I get on stage I get real comfortable."

He nailed his performance, and so did Chase as Emcee for the event. Corr hopes their stories are just the first of many coming from the Dayton School system in the years to come.

"It's believing in team, and that we can do the work, and more importantly we will do the work," said Corr.

Dayton Public Schools open their doors on August 16th.

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