Dayton Police asking for your help locating suspected murderer

WALL OF JUSTICE: Dayton Police are asking for your help locating a suspected murderer.

According to Detective Thomas Cope, a man is caught on surveillance who police said shot and killed another person on June 17, but they have been unable to locate him since that night.

The video not only shows the suspect, but a woman in a white tank top who is considered a key witness in the case. Police are also looking for someone to help identify the woman, as she may be able to provide key information.

While officers are asking for help to put together the pieces of the puzzle as to exactly what happened, or to hopefully get an identification, they do know the shooting happened on Home Avenue in the early hours of the morning.

Det. Cope said police are asking for someone to come forward and identify this man both to get him off the streets, and to find justice in a case where a life was taken.

“In cases like these involving violent deaths,” he said, “it’s very important that we identify these people and prosecute them, and bring them to justice and put them in prison where they can’t hurt other people.”

If you have any information about this man, you’re asked to call CrimeStoppers at 222-STOP.

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