Dayton cracking down on prostitution by publishing names of people convicted of buying sex


    DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT)- The City of Dayton is cracking down on prostitution in the city by publishing the names and home addresses of people convicted of prostitution-related offenses as the buyer.

    Those people will now have their names published on this website, and people who live near the convicted buyer will have targeted ads on social media letting them know that someone in their neighborhood had committed these crimes. Those ads will include a link to the website, where they can see who has been convicted.

    Officials said the city decided to focus on those who buy sex, because the women involved are particularly vulnerable. They're also focusing on trying to help those women get resources, including treatment, instead of focusing on punishment.

    The "Buyer's Remorse Initiative" is working to educate about the consequences of paying for sex, and ensuring that people who have purchased sex in Dayton cannot hide their crimes.

    "I want to say to men who come into Dayton for this," Dayton Police Major Brian Johns said, "if you come into our home to purchase sex, then we'll use the power of social media to follow you to yours."

    The publishing of names will begin in May.

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