'Good Night' lights turned on for the first time outside Dayton Children's


DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - 'Good Night' lights were turned on for the first time outside of Dayton Children's Hospital Tuesday in a unique show of support for the kids.

Local officers from multiple Miami Valley departments, deputies, firefighters and even Careflight showed up to wish patients goodnight.

The idea came after an officer saw a story about it in Rhode Island, and officials said turning them on for the first time the evening of 9/11 was intentional.

"People have been reaching out, trying to do things to support us, to support first responders on 9/11 every year," Dayton Police Major Wendy Stiver said, "and while we really appreciate that, this is the best present that anyone can give us: an opportunity to come out here and do something for these kids to give them a little bit of support."

Dayton Police responded to a woman who tweeted a photo of her son watching the lights from inside the hospital, thanking her for a peek inside, "He (and you) are why we & the rest of the first responders are doing this!"

The event will now take place every Tuesday night.

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