Credit card skimmers found on at least 5 pumps in Dayton

Credit card skimmers found on at least 5 pumps in Dayton (WKEF/WRGT)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Montgomery County Auditor Karl Keith says the threat of credit card skimming is "real, it is ongoing and it needs to be taken seriously".

Keith announced Tuesday morning that five credit card skimmers were found at local gas stations over the weekend

"This is the first discovery of multiple skimmers in Montgomery County at one time since August of 2013," Keith said.

The skimming devices were found at the following locations:

  • Shell: 106 S. Alex Road, West Carrollton
  • Ameristop: 1903 S. Alex Road, West Carrollton
  • Marathon: 4520 S. Dixie Drive, Moraine
  • Main Street Carryout: 155 S. Main Street, Miamisburg
  • Marathon: 2822 Dayton-Germantown Pike, Germantown

Skimmers are small devices that are used to steal people's personal information. Officials say skimmers take thousands of dollars from victims' bank accounts.

"It was disturbing to find so many skimmers at once, in what was clearly an organized and targeted criminal effort," Keith said. "We want to use this occasion to once again call on gas station owners and operators to install better locking mechanisms on their pumps."

That call to action is being answered by the manager at the Ameristop in West Carrollton, one of the locations hit.

"I kind of always thought that our key was for our pumps," Shane Farley said. "But I guess that's just not the case, so we'll have to be redoing the locks so that we're the only ones that have the key to get in there."

There are several ways to protect yourself from this crime:

  • Do not use a debit card at a gas pump
  • Use cash when possible
  • Keep a close watch on your bank account
  • Report suspicious activity

If you believe you've been a victim of credit card skimming, you should contact police, your bank and credit card company immediately.

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