Couple suffers hypothermia symptoms after fall at Caesar Creek

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WAYNE TWP., Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) -- Two people caught a mild case of hypothermia while running with a group at Caesar Creek State Park on Saturday afternoon.

A small group of joggers was running on the cold, wet day.

They were at Caesar Creek when a female in her 30s fell and hurt her hip.

"With the rain and the snow here lately, it made the terrain a little bit slippery which I guess would aid into her fall," said Wayne Township Fire Department Captain James Butler.

The trail the group was running on is close to the road and about 3/4 of a mile from there is where the woman fell.

"When we arrived on the scene initially we had trouble locating the patient but we got with the park ranger and got where we needed to be," said Butler.

Emergency workers from several areas came.

ATVs and boats also arrived.

"When they made access to here they had to go down a little hill or embankment down to her. She was located near the shore of the lake," said Butler.

Emergency crews decided it was easier to take the woman and her boyfriend out by boat.

"So we got some boats on the road. The boats transported them to shore," said Butler.

Both were showing signs of hypothermia and were taken to the hospital.

Captain Butler said when out in conditions like today, make sure you're prepared.

"Just take a few extra minutes just to be aware of your surroundings and dress for the weather. Take appropriate precaution in case something would happen," said Butler.

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