Convicted sex offender sought in Montgomery County

Shaun Harshaw is a register sex offender who is wanted by the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office for failing to register a change of address.

WALL OF JUSTICE: The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office needs your help finding Shaun Harshaw.

"He is one of our registered sex offenders," Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Detective Robert Schumacher. "He left the VOA in the City of Dayton, and has not reported his change of address."

Harshaw is a registered sex offender. He was convicted for Gross Sexual Imposition of a child under 13.

"He has failed to report an address change," Schumacher said. "So we are concerned about his whereabouts. He's been at large since April."

Schumacher said detectives are concerned Harshaw will re-offend, given his history.

"The public safety is at stake here," Schumacher said. "Someone in the public I'm sure knows who he is and may be able to help us find him."

If you know where Shawn Harshaw is, you're asked to call Crime Stoppers at 222-STOP (937-222-7867).

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