Congressman Jordan says he was unaware of any abuse from accused OSU doctor


Congressman Jim Jordan stated his innocence the day after he was accused of having knowledge of sexual abuse by a former Ohio State team doctor.

Jordan spoke to supports in Fremont, Ohio Wednesday. Afterwords, ABC 6/FOX 28's Tom Bosco asked him about the accusations made against former OSU team doctor Richard Strauss and whether he knew of any sexual abuse.

Jordan's camp is now demanding proof of that communication, saying it never happened.

"Until they can prove something, I really don't believe it," said Bob Bordner of Fremont, "You can say anything, and once its out there, you put an impression in somebody's mind."

The congressman said he was unaware of any abuse by the team doctor and added that fellow coaches that he asked about the situation were also unaware.

The law firm investigating the case for Ohio State says it reached out to Jordan's office for an interview, and never heard back.

Michael DiSabato says Jordan was aware of the abuse, and is denying the accusation for political gain.

Ohio State says Jordan has been contact in regards to the Strauss investigation, but has yet to respond. Jordan claims he was not been contacted.

ABC 6/FOX 28 will continue to follow this developing story.

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