Congressman Jordan calls claims of ignoring athlete sexual abuse 'ridiculous'

    (Photo: MGN)

    WASHINGTON D.C. (WKEF/WRGT) - Congressman Jim Jordan is maintaining his innocence as he's accused of knowing about sexual abuse claims against a former Ohio State team doctor.

    Rep. Jordan is accused of ignoring the claims while he was the assistant wrestling coach at OSU. Former wrestler Michael DiSabato says Jordan knew about the abuse by Richard Strauss, who was the team doctor. Strauss died in 2005. "I can tell you right now he's not telling the truth, he did know he has knowledge, he was there over eight years, impossible to ignore the training environment it was deviant, chaotic."

    When asked about the accusations again Wednesday in Washington, Jordan reiterated this innocence, "I'm telling the truth, look, I stood up to the Speaker of the House from my home state, stood up to the IRS and have stood up to the FBI. To think that I would not stand up for my athletes is ridiculous."

    On Monday, a group of coaches released a statement defending Jordan. The Congressman also said he will cooperate with Ohio State's investigation and said "If in fact there are people who have been harmed, if there are victims I want them to get their justice."

    Speaker of the House Paul Ryan spoke out in support of Rep. Jordan on Wednesday, calling him a man of honesty and integrity. It was the first time Speaker Ryan has made comments about the allegations against Jordan. Congressman Jordan has been mentioned as a possible candidate to replace Paul Ryan as the next Speaker of the House.

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