Family still searching for answers two years after 'Mayor of Third Street' is murdered

Family still searching for answers two years after 'Mayor of Third Street' is murdered (WKEF/WRGT)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - A beloved figure of Third Street was murdered in his home, and two years later, the killer is still on the loose.

71-year-old Ron Antrican’s daughters returned to the Dayton neighborhood he devoted his life to helping, hoping for justice and healing.

Family cook-outs aren't the same without Ron.

“We're just trying to make better of a bad situation,” Lisa Antrican said.

His daughters Lisa and Stephanie, returned to his East Dayton home two years after his murder.

“This was where he was killed,” Antrican said. “So, from day one, I felt completely different about this house.”

The door was busted in. He was beaten to death with a baseball bat.

His credit card used hours later at a nearby convenience store. The man using it was arrested, but released.

“I think it's sad there's no progress in the case,” Stephanie Caudill said. “I think they had a man and let him go.”

Lisa Antrican calls Dayton Police multiple times a week. But as days go by, it's harder to get answers.

“There's still no justice, nobody's been arrested," she said. "We're still at the same spot we were two years ago."

Ron was known as the ‘Mayor of Third Street.’ He once owned multiple bars nearby, and during retirement, you could catch him on his porch wearing Cleveland Browns gear.

“He was just a likeable man he really was, he helped out a lot of people down here, he really did,” Antrican said.

He'd give shelter to people in need, let them use his shower and handed out countless meals.

“I'm here because he'd never let anyone in the neighborhood go hungry,” Caudill said.

He'd be smiling today, knowing his daughters are spreading kindness.

But for them, it's about keeping his name alive to help solve his murder.

“I will never give up hope, never,” Antrican said.

FOX 45 called Dayton Police to get an update on the case. So far, they haven’t responded.

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