Christmas decorations set up for Ohio boy with terminal cancer vandalized

(Photo: WCPO via CNN Newsource)

COLERAIN TOWNSHIP, Ohio - For the second time in a week, inflatable Christmas decorations put up for a 2-year-old boy with terminal brain cancer have been vandalized.

Doctors told Brody Allen's family their 2-year-old likely won't live to see Christmas this year, so the community decided to celebrate it early for him.

The inflatable Santa and other decorations are back up after a real-life Grinch stabbed them, Brody's dad calls the vandalism disheartening, but the family's not letting it deflate their spirits, "it's Christmas, you can pop Santa, we're just going to put him right back up you can't break Christmas."

Perry Martin helped fix the decorations, he tells WCPO he spent two hours sewing Santa back together. " It's nice seeing the love but then you got that .1 percent that want to kind of ruin it for that little boy and I just don't get it." Martin said if vandals strike again, he'll be back to fix the decorations.

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