Chimney inspections critical to keeping your home warm and safe

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    DAYTON, Ohio (WRGT/WKEF) Your car may be winter ready but is your chimney?

    Neglecting inspections can turn into serious safety hazards.

    “If you plan on using your fireplace, you should get it inspected and cleaned at least once a year,” said, A-1 Chimney Service owner, Ted Potter.

    If you don’t he said you risk having a chimney fire from a build up of sap. Potter said inspections can take 20-45 minutes.

    He also said you’ll want to get your chimney inspected 2 to 3 weeks before you burn.

    “You just don’t want any blockage in there whatsoever," said Potter.

    Another reason to check your chimney before the snow rolls in is the potential for mold and leaking.

    “If you look on the side of your chimney and you see green mold growing in the motor joints, that's a good indication that your crown is cracked and your chimney is taking on water," said Potter.

    He also recommended installing a carbon monoxide sensors close to the fireplace.

    Once your chimney is inspected and cleaned, Potter said remember when picking your firewood to stay away from two specific types.

    “You’re not supposed to burn pine or maple because they’re really sappy, and it creates a lot of creosote and it becomes very flammable,” he said.

    Level one inspections can cost about $100-200.

    If you have a gas fireplace, A-1 Chimney Service recommends getting them cleaned and inspected about every 3 years.

    The business also recommends positioning firewood in an upright, triangular position.

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