Cedarville student worries about her home in the Bahamas as Irma makes landfall

Cedarville student worries about her home in the Bahamas as Irma makes landfall (WKEF/WRGT)

CEDARVILLE, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - As Hurricane Irma makes landfall in the Atlantic, a Cedarville student is worrying about her family back home in the Bahamas.

In times of crisis, being far from home is nerve wracking.

Cedarville nursing student Rebekah Cates said her mom is texting her non-stop.

“I feel like every ten minutes I'm checking my phone,” Cates said.

Cates’s family lives on the capitol island of the Bahamas.

“The island Nassau that I'm from his 21 miles tall and 7 miles wide,” Cates said.

Her home is in Hurricane Irma's path.

“We've never seen a storm like this before,” Cates said.

Bahamas prime minister is ordering residents to evacuate, as other islands nearby get battered. Here stateside, cities prepare for catastrophic damage.

“I fear the worst and I think we should plan and expect the worst,” Angela Mickle said.

Mickle is the Dean of Rebekah's Nursing Program at Cedarville. She's preparing to mobilize with the Ohio National Guard, helping families impacted by Irma.

“We are trained and ready and if someone is in need we want to help them,” Mickle said.

While volunteers prepare to head south, Rebekah's parents are trying to fly north.

“They try to get out tomorrow but all flights are booked,” Cates said.

They hope to catch a plane to Dayton on Friday.

As Irma barrels down on her home, Cates says prayer is the only thing keeping her nerves at bay.

“It's a terrible situation right now, but ultimately God is in control and we have to trust in that and that's the only thing we have to trust in right now,” Cates said.

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