Caught on Camera: Porch pirates hit a Dayton neighborhood

Caught on Camera: Porch pirates hit a Dayton neighborhood (Courtesy: Christopher Clark)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Porch pirates are a serious concern when it comes to shopping online, particularly around the holiday season.

In the Belmont neighborhood, a thief was caught on camera stealing packages off porches with the help of a get-away driver.

"They were patrolling the neighborhood. We saw them at least two other times," theft victim Christopher Clark said. "The third time they stopped at the corner at the light, jumped out rand up on the porch and ran around the corner."

"Just unreal, just middle of the day. Someone's home, curtains open; they'll just run up on your porch take anything they want," he continued.

Clark is glad he has security cameras outside his house and he's glad his other neighbors have surveillance, too.

"We're glad because it's helping a lot of people be aware of the situation," he said.

"It does happen and unfortunately that seems to be increasing with society changes," United States Postal Service Customer Relations Supervisor Brenda Bodey said.

To prevent it from happening to you, the post office recommends getting a P.O. Box, sending packages to your job or having a neighbor get it for you.

"They can also notify their carrier to let them know where they would like packages left, if there is a more secure place, if they have a breezeway or a door that's unlocked," said Bodey.

You can also use a program called "package intercept."

"Package intercept can either re-direct or hold the package prior to delivery," she said.

"Most of our packages do get notification but the way this one was delivered, it was through a second party so we got our notification late," said Clark.

UPS and FedEx can send alerts to let you know deliveries are on the way. UPS can also re-directed packages to a nearby UPS location. With FedEx, you can also have your package held.

"We know the stuff's never going to e found. We just want people to be aware that you have to take care of your packages," said Clark.

Go to the post office, UPS or FedEx websites to sign up for their notifications.

Police urge you to report any packages stolen.

They're still looking for the thieves.

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