PSA 'stabilizes' technical issue that cancelled hundreds of flights

(Photo: MGN)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Frustration continues for travelers who had flights booked on American Airlines.

The airline is continuing to cancel flights following a technical issue last Thursday from its regional carrier, PSA Airlines, which is headquartered in Dayton. However, there is good news from American Tuesday morning. The airline released a statement saying PSA has "stabilized its computer systems and is working reintroduce flying and get back to regular operations."

Tuesday morning, a majority of American Airlines flights in and out of Dayton International Airport showed a status of cancelled. In its statement, American says the flights being cancelled today are to help the PSA get its aircraft and crews where they need to be. For the next few days, PSA will be operating on a reduced schedule.

The technical issue started disrupting flights Thursday night, June 14. The following day, PSA released a statement apologizing for the frustrations caused by the interruptions.

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