Prosecutors say Brooke Richardson's extreme pregnancy reaction is clear evidence


WARREN COUNTY, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - A Warren County teen charged in connection with her baby's death was back in court Tuesday.

In April 2017, baby remains were discovered in Richardson's backyard. Investigators said she killed her baby girl shortly after giving birth, then burned and buried the body. Tuesday's appeal hearing dealt with whether her doctors should or shouldn't be be allowed to testify at trial. Prosecutors were arguing that the involved doctors testimony will show Richardson never had intentions of keeping the baby.

“Her reactions to the confirmation she was pregnant was extreme. It was over the top,” said Assistant Warren County Prosecutor Kirsten Brandt.

Prosecutors said Richardson's unusual reaction to finding out she was pregnant is evidence that she's the one who harmed the baby.

“Her reaction again makes Dr. Andrews so concerned that he tells her, if you have any concerns of hurting this baby you need to tell us,” added Brandt.

Investigators said despite finding out she was pregnant, Richardson didn't go back to the doctor until after giving birth. That's when they believe she told doctors the baby was stillborn.

"She's delivered this baby in secret in the middle of the night. Her parents are in the house, she doesn’t wake them up to get help," Brandt said. "She cleans up the mess so nobody will know and buries the baby in the backyard.”

The defendant argued her reaction when finding out she was pregnant was normal. Her attorneys said the doctor only called police because he wasn't sure of proper protocol.

“He didn’t reach out in fear of the abuse and neglect statute,” said Richardson’s attorney, Neal Schuett.

Schuett then argued that if the doctors were to testify it violates privacy rights.

“No knowledge or reason to believe or based on facts to cause a reasonable doctor to success there had been harm,” said Schuett.

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