Body cam shows deputy shooting local newspaper photographer

Deputy Jake Shaw (Photo: Clark County Sheriff's Office)

NEW CARLISLE, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Dramatic video released by the Clark County Sheriff's Office shows a Clark County deputy opening fire on a newspaper photographer because he said he thought the man had a weapon.

Deputy Jake Shaw was on a 120 day temporary assignment in New Carlisle, and started that roll on May 30.

The sheriff's office won't say if the assignment is his first time out on the street.

On the body cam video, you see the moment newspaper photographer Andy Grimm got shot.

"Christ, you just shot me," Grimm cried out.

"I need people here now, I need medic here now," shouted Deputy Shaw.

Deputy Shaw rushed across the street and recognized who he shot

"Andy, Andy Andy, I got shots fired. I need meedics here now, 12, now. Andy, I thought it was a freakin gun dude," said Shaw.

Grimm was pulling his camera and tripod out of his back seat. Shaw was in his cruiser when he got out and fired.

"Andy I'm sorry brother, listen dude, you pulled that out like a gun at the back of the jeep," said Shaw.

"Oh that hurts," said Grimm.

Shaw provides medical aid while telling Grimm he'll be okay.

"You're goting to be alright brother," said Shaw.

"I don't want you to lose your job for this," said Grimm.

"You didn't mean it I know," he continued. "You thought it was a gun. Fired two shots, thank God you missed one."

"Sigh, I thought it was a (expletive) gun man whew," said Shaw. "Oh God, just please let him be alright."

Grimm went to the hospital, while Shaw was put in a police cruiser and asked another officer if Grimm will be okay.

Hey it's alright brother, it's alright I''m going to stop the camera.

People in New Carlisle are talking about the shooting.

"The first thing that comes to my mind is Barney Fife, a little excited and I think it was just a mistake in judgment," said New Carlisle resident Richard Land.

"Sad that it happened to the young fellow, even if it's an accident.," said New Carlisle Resident Nathan Littrell.

Grimm doesn't want Shaw fired and some residents agree.

"I think he just made a mistake and we'll send him back for some training and we always try to learn by our mistakes do we not?" said Land.

FOX 45's Rhonda Moore got a hold of Deputy Shaw's personnel record, and learned he started as a cadet with the sheriff's office.

He was hired full time in January 2015 and was assigned to the jail in March.

Shaw is also a military police officer in the Ohio National Guard. He received good scores on his performance evaluations.

He had one violation last year for not properly documenting the head count in the jail at the beginning of his shift.

In May, Shaw received a sheriff's commendation for a fundraising campaign for a local teenager battling cancer.

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