Bill balancing your privacy and right to know about body cam signed by Gov. Kasich

    (Photo: Ed Clemente / MGN Online)

    UPDATE: Governor Kasich has signed this bill into law.


    COLUMBUS, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - When it comes to body camera footage, the question has always been where the line is drawn as to what should be public and what is considered private.

    According to Rep. Niraj Antani (R - Miamisburg), videos are automatically public record unless that video is inside someone's house or private business.

    "No criminal or creep should have access to where you keep your gun, or where your daughter sleeps," Antani told ABC 22/FOX 45 in June.

    That's why he sponsored House Bill 425, which he said would strike a key balance between transparency and privacy. It would establish instances in which a police body camera video could not be released as public record, and it includes confidential investigatory record, video of a sex crime and even filming inside the infrastructure of a public school.

    “As police departments across Ohio look to use body cameras, we must ensure privacy rights are protected, while providing accountability and transparency on both sides of the camera. This bill will advance police and community relations by providing public access to body camera videos while protecting privacy of our citizens,” Rep. Antani said.

    The bill has passed unanimously out of the Senate Government Oversight and Reform Committee, and is set to head to the full Senate.

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