Beavercreek City Council votes to continue moratorium marijuana ban until December

    Beavercreek City Council voting to continue moratorium marijuana ban ( WRGT/WKEF) <p>{/p}<p>{/p}

    BEAVERCREEK, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT)- UPDATE: Beavercreek's City Council unanimously voted to extend the moratorium on medical marijuana till December.

    Last July, city council changed Beavercreek’s zoning code. This allowed growth, distribution and processing of medical marijuana. They didn’t want to turn down any business opportunity.

    People in the community did not voice their opinion at meetings before the zoning codes were officially changed. However, once community members caught wind of the change, their concern made city council back track. This is when city council enacted a moratorium to give them more time. Tonight, city council has 3 options.

    “Do nothing, give the direction we want to ban all marijuana operations in the city, or the directions to ban any additional marijuana facilities in the city but allow the one currently in the process,” said Beavercreek Mayor, Bob Stone.

    Not aware of the city of Beavercreek’s temporary ban on medical marijuana businesses, the state of Ohio awarded Harvest of Ohio LLC a medical marijuana dispensary license. The address for the potential dispensary is, 4370 Tonawanda Trail. It is directly across from a nursing home and adjacent from a neighborhood. Some residents are upset.

    Eighteen year Beavercreek Resident, George Rawlins said, “Why do they have to bring it into a neighborhood, it doesn’t make any sense.”

    Although the mortarium ban on the dispensary is officially over near the end of July, Mayor Stone said, “In order to not get ourselves in trouble we need to continue the moratorium which will be done at the second meeting.”

    Residents are hoping city council will make the right decision that will benefit the community. Fox45 News will keep you updated on city councils’ decision.

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