Almost 18,000 warning letters sent by Dayton traffic cameras in October

Almost 18,000 warning letters sent by Dayton traffic cameras (WKEF/WRGT)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Throughout the month of October, mobile speed enforcement trailers set up by Dayton Police clocked drivers going by, sent that information to officers who reviewed it and determined if a warning should be issued.

The numbers from the entire month were released Monday, and according to DPD, almost 18,000 warning letters were sent out throughout the month.

Out of the almost 150,000 vehicles that drove by the trailer on Riverside Drive, 122,625 were recorded as going over the speed limit. 10,514 of those were eligible for a warning letter, and 9,442 warning letters were actually sent out. 237,603 vehicles passed the trailer on North James H. McGee, with 150,130 recorded going above the limit, 9,948 eligible for a warning letter and 8,513 total warnings sent.

Police began sending out $85 tickets for violations November 1. So far, no information is available on how many of those have been sent.

Two of the five fixed cameras are almost ready to be put into operation. Here's where all five cameras will ultimately be installed:

  • West Third Street at James H. McGee Boulevard (three red light cameras)
  • North Gettysburg Avenue at Fairbanks Avenue (two speed cameras)
  • North Main Street at Siebenthaler Avenue (one speed camera)
  • South Keowee Street between East Third Street and East Fourth Street (two speed cameras)
  • South Smithville Road at Linden Avenue (two red light cameras)

When those cameras become operational, the city will have another 30-day warning period for motorists.

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