ALDI to close its Westown Shopping Center store

ALDI to close its Westown Shopping Center store (WKEF/WRGT)


DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - A grocery store closing its doors and leaving many people wondering where they'll go for food.

ALDI in the Westown Shopping Center told the mayor of Dayton on Friday that they're not renewing their lease.

Fox 45 talked to some unhappy shoppers.

The mayor said she got word about three weeks ago from the owners of Westown.

She sent a letter asking ALDI for a meeting.

Today ALDI told her on the phone they're closing.

The mayor said ALDI is being callous in walking away.

David Hammond shops at ALDI several times a week.

"It's cheaper, it's less expensive than going to Kroger, especially these super, super markets," said shopper David Hammond.

He just found out the grocery store is closing there in the Westown Shopping Center.

"I'm really kind of saddened and disappointed because I've been coming here so much," said Hammond.

"This is my neighborhood shopping place," said shopper Larry Pinson.

Larry Pinson doesn't want ALDI to leave.

"It's a shame, they need to keep the store in the neighborhood. Where else will we have to go? This is a close store and the prices are low, we can afford it," said Pinson.

Shoppers are wondering where they'll shop now "Because there's no other grocery store in this area," said shopper Linnie Reed.

"I think there's another supermarket up there off of Gettysburg. There's some small grocery stores in the area but they don't have a big selection," said Hammond.

Dayton's mayor said ALDI told her the store is closing because there are not enough shoppers.

"Sarah Brown informed me the people there could take a bus line to West Carrollton or Kettering to their stores and I informed her that would take about an hour each direction," said Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley.

"For them to say they don't want to serve the citizens of Dayton in this manner I think is pretty offensive," said Whaley.

The mayor said shoppers should take a stand.

"I think they should call ALDI, I think they should call them, I think the community needs to stand up and say 'listen we want to have a good grocery here," said Whaley.

The mayor isn't sure when ALDI will close, but she thinks it will be in April.

She said the city will work with Westown's owners to hopefully find another grocery store to move in.

ALDI released a statement saying it takes the closing of any ALDI store very seriously.

It said it recognizes the closing will affect some of its loyal customers and it's pleased to continue offering high-quality, affordable groceries at the ALDI stores in West Carrollton, Englewood and Kettering.

ALDI's statement also said all of its employees will be able to transfer to a nearby ALDI store and no jobs will be lost.

Customers wanting to contact ALDI can contact Customer Service at


DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - The ALDI store in Westown Shopping Center is planning to close its doors, the city of Dayton says.

Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley said she spoke with the Vice President of the Springfield division of ALDI who notified her of the store's plan to leave its location on the west site of Dayton.

Whaley said ALDI's "failure to work" with Dayton to address the concerns is a major disappointment. "The residents of West Dayton rely on ALDI to provide fresh produce and other grocery items."

ALDI is in one of the largest food deserts in Ohio, Whaley said.

Customers can contact ALDI Customer Service at

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