AG DeWine issues safety warning in connection with solar eclipse glasses

AG DeWine issues safety warning in connection with solar eclipse glasses (WKEF/WRGT)

MIAMI VALLEY, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) – Less than a week out from the eclipse, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine issued a safety warning in connection with glasses that may be used to view the event.

NASA has said the total solar eclipse won't cause blindness, but if you watch the sun before the eclipse is in totality without the proper eyewear, it can cause retinal damage.

The American Astronomical Society has reportedly received information about fake solar eclipse glasses being sold. Those glasses do not properly filter out the sun’s rays, and, in turn, could leave your eyes vulnerable to damage.

If you have questions about whether your glasses are certified or not, check for the manufacturer’s name on the inside and then compare it to this list of AAS certified vendors:

  • American Paper Optics (Eclipser) / /
  • APM Telescopes (Sunfilter Glasses)*
  • Baader Planetarium (AstroSolar Silver/Gold Film)*
  • Celestron (EclipSmart Glasses & Viewers)
  • DayStar (Solar Glasses)
  • Explore Scientific (Solar Eclipse Sun Catcher Glasses)
  • Halo Solar Eclipse Spectacles
  • Jaxy Optical Instrument Co., Ltd.*
  • Lunt Solar Systems (SUNsafe SUNglasses)
  • Meade Instruments (EclipseView Glasses & Viewers)
  • Rainbow Symphony (Eclipse Shades)
  • Seymour Solar (Helios Glasses)
  • Solar Eclipse International / Cangnan County Qiwei Craft Co.* (plastic glasses only)
  • Thousand Oaks Optical (Silver-Black Polymer & SolarLite)
  • TSE 17 / (Solar Filter Foil)*

You can also test your glasses out before August 21. Officials said you shouldn’t be able to see anything expect the sun itself with proper solar eclipse glasses. If you can see other lights or normal brightness, you should consider getting a different pair.

If you’re still looking for a way to view the eclipse, you can grab one of the 1,800 free pairs of glasses from FOX 45 as we partner with the Fraze Pavilion and iHeartRadio for #FOX45EclipseLive. Check out this story for more details on the event:

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