AAA helps more than 2,000 motorists during heatwave in the Miami Valley

    AAA helps more than 2,000 motorists during heatwave in the Miami Valley (Photo: Pixabay, via MGN Online)

    MIAMI VALLEY, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - A heatwave is still sweeping over the Miami Valley, and AAA said the extreme heat has already caused problems for more than 2,000 drivers.

    Crews have been responding to help with issues including overheated engines, blown out tires and dead batteries. Motorists should also leave a slight crack in their car's windows to help keep heat from building up inside, as some drivers on the East Coast have reported windshields shattering after the heat builds up.

    AAA also offered the following tips to help keep your family safe and cars operating:

    • Have a safety check before heading out on your vacation. Stop in at any AAA Tire & Auto Store for a free vehicle inspection. Technicians can check your tires, battery and fluids to help reduce the chance of a breakdown.
    • During the summer months drivers should carry a minimum of five bottles of water for each person in the vehicle. Also it’s important to have a fully charged cell phone and car charger. Drivers should also have coolant with them.
    • If traffic is not moving do not use the accessory setting to listen to the radio, or use any other devices that could drain the car battery.
    • While running the air conditioner drivers should keep an eye on the dash and if the vehicle starts to overheat shut it off immediately and open the hood to allow the engine to cool off. The vehicle may need to be off for a minimum of 45 minutes. When restarting the vehicle leave the hood open.
    • If you cannot operate the vehicles air conditioning, open windows on both sides of the car to cross ventilate.
    • Carry a windshield sun shade in your vehicle to provide some protection from the sun.
    • Staying in your vehicle is usually the safest option. If however the heat becomes too oppressive and traffic shows no signs of moving, consider seeking shelter in the shade. If there are trees or an overpass nearby that would provide shade, take a break and give your body time to cool off.

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