#9pmRoutine campaign wants you to help prevent crimes of opportunity

A campaign poster, part of a way the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office is trying to get residents to stop crimes of opportunity (Courtesy: MCSO)

MIAMI VALLEY, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - It's hard to think it'll happen close to home, but Brittany Lawson and other families in the Sherwood Forest area are on alert.

Word is spreading that thieves are going in and out of vehicles overnight.

"There was a car with a loud exhaust, and I guess a guy with a grey sweatshirt," Lawson said about the limited description.

One person put out a warning on Facebook. He confronted what he thought could have been a teenager, climbing into his car on Kirkley Hall. A few others are saying the same about their property being broken into. Down the road, more incident on Kercher St.

"I think we all need to come together and keep an eye out for each other," Lawson told Fox 45's Shavon Anderson.

The cluster of crimes line up with a new push from the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office. The campaign is called #9pmRoutine, urging everyone to get in the habit of double checking their property, before settling in for the night.

When it comes to cars, make sure windows are rolled up, you take valuables out and lock the doors. At home, keep exterior lights on if you can, checking doors and the garage.

Lawson hasn't been a victim.

"Luckily no, thank God," she said.

She intends to keep it that way.

"We have an alarm, we definitely have protection," she said. "We keep our doors locked, and we keep an eye out."

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